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Sleep Hacks – 3 Tricks To make yourself fall asleep quickly

Sleep Hacks

Do a hot bath and a cup of cocoa not work as well for you as they once did? and you want some Sleep Hacks? When you’ve worked your tail off all day, the idea of getting into bed and winding down is, to put it mildly, immensely enticing. However, many of us still struggle with the ability to fall asleep. When you are fighting insomnia, the sleep countdown, which for some people can run up to hours, may feel like days’ worth of torment. Fortunately, science has developed a few clever techniques that you can utilize to induce sleep quickly and fool your body into falling asleep.

1. Explore your body’s pressure points is 1 of Sleep Hacks

Sleep Hacks

You can absolutely do acupuncture yourself. And certainly, it might help you nod off more quickly. Acupuncture is a common choice for people who have trouble falling asleep, battle sleeplessness frequently, or simply don’t get enough quality sleep since it is a safe and efficient approach to get the body to start sleeping.

Right behind the ear, on the soft area that connects your neck to your jawline, is the first pressure point you want to deal with. Press firmly on this point with 1-2 fingers for 10–15 continuous minutes. This is the ideal method for unwinding and getting your body ready for sleep.

The space directly between your eyebrows is another pressure point that, for the most part, always helps you fall asleep. Use your thumb to firmly press on this spot for a continuous 30 seconds. This will deceive your mind into believing that it is time to wind down and cool off, which is ideal for people who have difficulties falling asleep and staying asleep for long periods of time.

2. Eye-rolling doesn’t always make you a brat, another Sleep Hacks

Sleep Hacks

Your eyes actually move around quite a bit while you are in REM or deep sleep. When you’re having trouble falling asleep, several sleep experts advise rolling your eyes 3-5 times upward and toward your head. This could help you fall asleep more quickly because it essentially imitates the way your eyes move naturally while you sleep. The concept is straightforward: in order to fall asleep, fool your body into believing that it is already asleep.

3. Don’t be afraid to rebel, also sleep hack

Sleep Hacks

telling your body that you won’t sleep may have the exact opposite effect. This helpful tip has been used by people who frequently struggle to fall asleep and wake up throughout the night in an effort to fall asleep quickly.
Keep your eyes wide open and keep telling yourself you won’t fall asleep; that’s what you’ll need to accomplish. This will not be welcomed by your body, which will make you feel sleepier.

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